Flowback & Well Testing

RP Services Flowback and Well Testing Division

RP Services (RPS) Flowback/Well Testing Division operates throughout Wyoming, Colorado, Texas and New Mexico with our skilled, highly trained and well equipped workforce focusing on customizable solutions for our clients. Each oil field presents unique conditions, and flowtesting operations can vary significantly. Our track record shows that we will innovate to meet your requirements- whatever they may be. The real value in our service lies within the expertise and attitude of our team at RPS.

Equipment Specifications
4 Phase P- Tanks 70-300 barrels—250-300 PSI
4 Phase Separators 35-110 barrels—500-1440 PSI
2 Phase Separators 1440 PSI
Flow Iron Packages 2” & 3”
Flarestacks 40-50 FT
Sand Traps 5,000-10,000 PSI
Trash Catchers 5,000-15,000 PSI
Manifolds 2” & 3” – Single well or multi well applications
Flow Iron Safety Restraint Packages

We operate 2, 3 and 4 phase separators, with 2” & 3“ pipe /manifold options which are utilized for Frac RP ServicesFlowback, Drillouts, and Well Testing of high volume oil and gas wells. We support both single wells and multi-well pad scenarios. Our heavy duty equipment separates sand, water, oil, and gas and handles each one accordingly, while providing accurate data updates along with peace of mind for all stakeholders. RPS is also equipped to comply with green completion requirements.


Keeping you informed
We are proud of our ability to provide ongoing, highly detailed flow testing reports. Using our reporting template, or one provided by our customer, we track critical information that provides insight into what your well is going to produce. RPS monitors well output, including the varying flow rates of sand, water, gas, and oil. We distribute reports containing this data at least every 12 hours. Our data can be the first hands on information on how your well is producing and we take reporting very seriously.

RP Services


Environmental, Health and Safety
We are committed to maintaining a safe work environment for our employees and customers. Protecting well sites and infrastructure, while respecting and preserving the environment are top priorities of RPS.  We believe that all accidents are preventable and we strive to achieve our goal of zero accidents, injuries and incidents.  Our onsite equipment meets the green completion requirements to capture rather than release gas, and our workers are familiar with applicable workplace laws and regulations.

Competitive pricing
Efficiently running our operation means we provide competitive rates leading to a reduction in your overall cost. RP Services operates a flat organizational structure with minimal overhead and the most efficient logistics possible. In addition, our highly motivated workforce and our ability to offer custom solutions add considerable value to what we offer. Overall we offer high quality services at an affordable rate