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RP Services Oil Tools Division operates throughout Wyoming and Colorado with our skilled, highly trained and well equipped workforce focusing on customizable solutions for our clients. No two oilfields are alike, and while your downhole needs can vary significantly, our track record shows that we will innovate to meet your requirements- whatever they may be. The real value in our service lies within the expertise and attitude of our team at RP Services.


Production, Service and Drilling Tools- 4 ½- 9 5/8 (other sizes available on request)RP Services

  • ASI-X Packer
    These double grip packers can be doubled as a service tool and can be landed in tension, neutral, or compression; and are ideal for applications such as injection, zone isolation, acidizing, production or pumping operations at any depth. The internal bypass allows pressure equalization prior to release of the upper slips. The can be run with our standard on/off tool.
  • Hydraulic Set Packer
    These FH style packers are used in production, injection, and zonal isolation. It can be used in heavily deviated wells where mechanical or wireline set packers are unsuitable. No tubing movement is required or generated to set. These packers release with a straight pull.
  • R3 Double Grip Packer
    This double grip compression set packer is suitable for most production applications. It features hydraulic hold down for controlling differential pressure from below and features an automatic jay.
  • Ultra Lock Packer
    The loc-set type packers are suitable for most production applications and can be set in tension, compression, or neutral. The internal bypass allows pressure equalization prior to the unsetting of slips.
  • Hydraulic Set Tandem Packer
    These packers are run in tandem with another packer such as an ASIX in a standard configuration for zonal isolation. These are more economical that a stand-alone hydraulic set packer.
  • Tension Set Packer
    These AD-1 type packers are tension set retrievable production packers. These are inexpensive and feature backup emergency release features. These packers can be set at any depth and are typically used when there is insufficient weight to set a compression packer holding pressure from either direction.
  • Seal Bore Packer
    These seal bore packers are set on wireline or hydraulically on tubing and are retrieved with a retrieving tool. These tools are simple and economical.
  • Cup Packer
    The double cup packers are used for standard production applications in single string or multiple zone configurations.
  • Dual String Packer
    These dual string packers are snap-set types and have full bores in both the long and short strings.
  • Tubing Anchor/Catcher
    These anchors hold tubing string in tension or compression for more efficient pumping and reduced rod wear. These also catch in case it parts. These have an emergency shear release for backup.
  • Compression Set Packer
    These packers are commonly used for squeeze work, hole hunting, zone isolation, acidizing, and fracturing. These packers feature a pressure- balanced unloader that closes when the packer is set. The balance piston prevents the equalizing valve from being pumped open at high pressures.
  • Wireline Retrievable Bridge Plug
    These high pressure plugs are used in zone selective operations such as cementing, acidizing, fracturing, well head, isolation and zone testing; holds pressure from above or below and can be set with wireline as well as mechanically or hydraulically.
  • Cement Retainers/Cast Iron Bridge Plugs
    These retainers and cast iron bridge plugs are used for cementing, well abandonment, and temporary or permanent zone isolation. These can be set on wireline, mechanically, or hydraulically.
  • Composite Plugs
    These plugs are available in a flowback (caged ball), ball drop, or blank configuration. They feature an all composite body with cast iron slips and no aluminum for fast drillout times.
  • Sand Pump
    Bailers offer a method to clean out sand and debris from the well bore without circulating or loading the hole.
  • Casing Scraper
    Casing scrapers are used to remove mill scale, burrs, and debris from the inside wall of the casing, forming a perfectly smooth and clean surface for proper seating of other tools.
  • Squeeze Manifolds
    These manifolds are rated for 10,000 PSI and are used for cementing operations to divert flow as necessary.
  • Mechanical Collar Locater
    These are used to locate exact depth of casing collar. It can be made up at any point in the tubing string.
  • Inflatable Packers
  • Stage Cementing Collars


  • On/Off Tool
    Standard T2type on/off tools (with stinger subs available in a variety of profiles) allows you to set wireline blanking plugs. The tubing string can be released from the packer and removed from the well. Bonded seals allow multiple reconnects.
  • Profile Nipples
    The nipples are available in L80 as well as 17-4 stainless for corrosion protection and come in a variety of profiles for landing blanking plugs.
  • Bit Release Joint
    This release joint is used in drillout operations where the drill string will be left in the hole as a production string. Once drilling operations are completed, a ball is dropped through the string and seats in the release joint. Pressure is applied to shear off the bit and let it drop to the bottom of the hole.
  • Pump Out Plug
    These are installed on the bottom of a tubing string to isolate the tubing from the annulus. Plug removal is accomplished by pressuring up the tubing. The release pressure is field adjustable and when the plug is pumped out the string is full bore.
Environmental, Health and Safety

We are committed to maintaining a safe work environment for our employees and customers. Protecting well sites and infrastructure, while respecting and preserving the environment are top priorities of RPS. We believe that all accidents are preventable and we strive to achieve our goal of zero accidents, injuries and incidents.

Competitive pricing

Running and efficient operation means we keep cost down and provide competitive rates. RP Services operates a flat organizational structure with minimal overhead and the most efficient logistics possible. In addition, our highly motivated workforce and our ability to offer custom solutions add considerable value to what we offer. It all means we offer high quality services at an affordable rate.